Question: The Filzen Company sells construction supplies to building contractors mostly

The Filzen Company sells construction supplies to building contractors, mostly on a wholesale basis. The company has been in business for over 30 years. The current owner is Joshua Filzen, although the company was originally founded by his father, James Filzen. When he retired in 2014, the elder Filzen handed the business over to his son, who has run it ever since.
The company operates in Small County—a rural area where most people in the building trades know each other well. For this reason, the company extends credit to its regular customers, many of whom have done business with it for years. Most settle their accounts about once a month.
1. Create a process map for this task, using the symbols in Figure 5-13.
2. Create a decision table for this task.
3. Create a decision tree for this task.
4. Which documentation aide do you prefer and why?
5. Do any of these documents suggest control problems with the current system? If so, what controls do you recommend?

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