Question: The financial statements for Simple Company are reported here using

The financial statements for Simple Company are reported here using an Excel spreadsheet.

Recreate the financial statements using your own Excel spreadsheet.
a. For each number with an arrow by it, enter a formula in that particular cell address to solve for the number shown. (Do not enter the arrow.)
b. When complete, print the spreadsheet with formulas rather than absolute numbers.

Spreadsheet Tips
(1) Widen a column by positioning the cursor on the vertical line between two column headings until cross-hairs appear. Either double click to automatically widen, or click and drag the crosshair to the desired width.
(2) Negative numbers can be parenthesized by choosing Format and then Cells. Under Number, choose Custom and under Type, choose the first option containing parentheses.
(3) The SUM function is one way to add a series of numbers. For example, the formula for net income in cell B6 is SUM(B4:B5).
(4) Single and double lines can be drawn using the Borders icon.
(5) Print a spreadsheet on one page by choosing File, Page Setup, and Fit to 1.
(6) Print without gridlines by choosing File, Page Setup, and Sheet and uncheck Gridlines.
Another option is to choose Tools and Options and uncheck Gridlines.
(7) Print formulas by choosing Tools, Options, and Formulas.

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