The financial statements of Marks and Spencer plc M S are 74878
The financial statements of Marks and Spencer plc (M&S) are available at the book’s companion website or can be accessed at http://corporate.marksandspencer. com/documents/publications/2010/Annual_Report_2010.
Refer to M&S’s financial statements and the accompanying notes to answer the following questions.
(a) What alternative formats could M&S have adopted for its statement of financial position? Which format did it adopt?
(b) Identify the various techniques of disclosure M&S might have used to disclose additional pertinent financial information. Which technique does it use in its financials?
(c) In what classifications are M&S’s investments reported? What valuation basis does M&S use to report its investments? How much working capital did M&S have on 3 April 2010? On 28 March 2009?
(d) What were M&S’s cash flows from its operating, investing, and financing activities for 2010? What were its trends in net cash provided by operating activities over the period 2009 to 2010? Explain why the change in accounts payable and in accrued and other liabilities is added to net income to arrive at net cash provided by operating activities.
(e) Compute M&S’s: (1) current cash debt coverage ratio, (2) cash debt coverage ratio, and (3) free cash flow for 2010. What do these ratios indicate about M&S’s financial conditions?

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