The first step in finding an association between gender and handedness from among the students in Table 1A (on page 27) is to create a two-way table with these two variables. Make a two-way table with the labels Male and Female across the top and the labels Right and Left on the side, and then answer the following questions about it. Refer to page 34 for guidance on parts a and b.
a. Report how many students are in each of the four cells of the table by writing these values in your table.
b. Sum the numbers of students in each row and each column, and put these sums into your table. Also find the total number of students, and put it in the lower right corner.
c. What percentage of the females are right-handed?
d. What percentage of the right-handed students are female?
e. What percentage of the students are right-handed?
f. If the percentage of right-handed females remained roughly the same and there were 70 females, how many of them would be right-handed?

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