The Fishco Company is a regional fish distributor that sells fish to restaurants in southern Florida. It purchases all its fish from small boats at the local docks, and it pays only with cash.
To simplify its operations, Fishco takes orders only via its Web site. All orders are delivered by a third- party contractor, and all sales are made on account. This very simple system allows the entire business to be operated only by Mr. and Mrs. Fishco. Mrs. Fishco does the Web programming, answers the telephone, and provides replacement fish when a customer is dissatisfied. Mr. Fishco does everything else, including all accounting and the handling of collections.

a. Identify all the major business processes for Fishco.
b. Specify which business processes are probably the most important to Fishco’s strategic goals and objectives.
c. How would Fishco’s business processes change if it became larger and more complicated?
d. How would Fishco’s major business processes change if it began selling shrimp in addition to fish?

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