The following are line items that could be found in
The following are line items that could be found in a statement of cash flows.
1. Repurchase of common stock
2. Interest received.
3. Refund of income taxes.
4. Principal payment on long-term notes payable.
5. Cash paid to suppliers and employees.
6. Increase in accounts payable.
7. Purchase of property and equipment
8. Proceeds from issuing a long-term note payable.
9. Cash paid for taxes.
10. Principal payments under capital lease obligations.
11. Depreciation expense.
12. Payment of dividends on preferred stock.
13. Principal payments on mortgages.
14. Increase in accounts receivable.
15. Gain on sale of equipment.
16. Proceeds from issuing common stock.
17. Decrease in wages payable.
18. Declaration of a stock dividend.
19. Cash paid to suppliers for inventory.
20. Issuance of treasury stock for cash.
21. Long-term loans to officers.
22. Issuance of common stock for land.
23. Proceeds from the sale of property, plant, and equipment.
24. Cash received from customers.
25. Decrease in prepaid insurance.

Classify each of the items as one of the following; assuming the operating portion of the statement of cash flows is prepared on an indirect basis.
a. Cash inflow from operating activities.
b. Cash outflow from operating activities.
c. Cash inflow from investing activities.
d. Cash outflow from investing activities.
e. Cash inflow from financing activities.
f. Cash outflow from financing activities.
g. Positive adjustment to net income.
h. Negative adjustment to net income.
i. Does not appear in the operating portion of the statement of cash flows prepared on an indirect basis.
j. Non-cash transaction.

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