The following are partially completed statements that relate to quality and the costs of quality. Read each of the statements carefully.
a. _________ include(s) the cost of repairs made under warranty or the replacement of defective parts.
b. Costs incurred in reworking defective products and the costs of scrap and spoilage are referred to as _________.
c. Costs of inspecting, identifying, and isolating defective products before they reach the customer are called _________.
d. _________ is/are incurred to prevent product failures from occurring.
e. The _________ developed ISO 9000 as a set of guidelines for quality management.
f. Kaizen, also called _________, refers to a system of improvement based on a series of gradual and often small improvements.

Complete each of the above partially completed statements by using one of the following terms: appraisal costs, prevention costs, external failure costs, International Standards Organization, continuous improvement, internal failure costs.

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