The following are the selling price variable costs and contribution
The following are the selling price, variable costs, and contribution margin for one unit of each of Banner Company’s three products: A, B, and C:
Due to a strike in the plant of one of its competitors, demand for the company’s products far exceeds its capacity to produce. Management is trying to determine which product(s) to concentrate on next week in filling its backlog of orders. The direct labour rate is $8 per hour, and only 3,000 hours of labour time are available each week.
1. Compute the amount of contribution margin that will be obtained per hour of labour time spent on each product.
2. Which orders would you recommend that the company work on next week—the orders for product A, product B, or product C? Show computations.
3. By paying overtime wages, more than 3,000 hours of direct labour time can be made avail- able next week. Up to how much should the company be willing to pay per hour in over- time wages as long as there is unfilled demand for the three products? Explain.
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