The following cash transactions occurred in five real world companies 1
The following cash transactions occurred in five real-world companies:
1. In June 2010, Dow Chemical Company sold its Styron subsidiary to Bain Capital Partners for $1.6 billion.
2. General Motors Company issued $16 billion in common stock in November 2010.
3. Consolidated Edison, Inc., paid $8 million of dividends in December 2010.
4. In January 2011, Qualcomm, Inc., announced plans to purchase Atheros Communications, Inc., for $3.2 billion in cash. Assume the deal was completed as announced.
5. Abercrombie & Fitch Co. reported $886 million in cash sales during August, September, and October of 2010.

Determine if each of the above transactions should be classified as an operating, investing, or financing activity. Also, identify the amount of each cash flow and whether it was an inflow or an   outflow.

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