Question: The following data apply to Woods Sports Inc for April

The following data apply to Woods Sports Inc. for April 2016:
1. Balance per the bank on April 30, $13,750.
2. Deposits in transit not recorded by the bank, $3,600.
3. Bank error; chec k written by Glen Woods on his personal checking account was drawn on Woods Sports Inc.’s account, $800.
4. The following checks written and recorded by Woods Sports Inc. were not included in the bank statement:
1901 .... $ 265
1920 .... 650
1921 ..... 1,200
5. Credit memo for note collected by the bank, $1,100.
6. Service charge for collection of note, $50.
7. The bookkeeper recorded a check written for $760 to pay for April’s office supplies as $670 in the cash disbursements journal.
8. Bank service charge in addition to the note collection fee, $45.
9. NSF checks returned by the bank, $175.
Determine the amount of the unadjusted cash balance per Woods Sports Inc.’s books.

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