Question: The following data pertain to Andaman Tours a travel company

The following data pertain to Andaman Tours, a travel company in Thailand where the currency is the baht (B). Total assets at January 1, 20X0, were B80,000, and at December 31, 20X0, they were B125,000. During 20X0, sales were B265,000, cash dividends were B16,000, and operating expenses (exclusive of costs of goods sold) were B50,000. Total liabilities at December 31, 20X0, were B45,000, and at January 1, 20X0, they were B30,000. There was no additional capital paid in during 20X0. Calculate the following items. (These need not be computed in any particular order.)
1. Stockholders’ equity, for January 1, 20X0
2. Net income for 20X0
3. Cost of goods sold for 20X0

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