Question: The following data relate to the City of Spicewood s data

The following data relate to the City of Spicewood's data processing internal service fund:
Billings to police and fire departments ....... $ 800,000
Billings to water utility department ....... $ 200,000
Year-end receivable from police and fire departments . $ 80,000
Year-end receivable from water utility department .... $ 12,000
Net position other than receivables from other departments . $1,300,000

The police and fire departments are accounted for in the general fund. Their activities are classified as ''public safety.'' The water utility department is accounted for in a proprietary fund. The internal service fund establishes billing rates at amounts reflective of the actual costs of providing its services.
Explain how each of the indicated amounts (and the related expenses and payables of the funds receiving the services provided by the data processing department) would be reported in the city's government-wide statement of net position and statement of activities. Be specific.

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