The following errors occurred in posting from a two-column journal:
1. A credit of $6,000 to Accounts Payable was not posted.
2. An entry debiting Accounts Receivable and crediting Fees Earned for $5,300 was not posted.
3. A debit of $2,700 to Accounts Payable was posted as a credit.
4. A debit of $480 to Supplies was posted twice.
5. A debit of $3,600 to Cash was posted to Miscellaneous Expense.
6. A credit of $780 to Cash was posted as $870.
7. A debit of $12,620 to Wages Expense was posted as $12,260.
Considering each case individually (i.e., assuming that no other errors had occurred), indicate:
(a) By “yes” or “no” whether the trial balance would be out of balance;
(b) If answer to (a) is “yes,” the amount by which the trial balance totals would differ;
(c) Whether the Debit or Credit column of the trial balance would have the larger total. Answers should be presented in the following form, with error (1) given as anexample:

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