The following events relate typical activities in a municipality that affect the General Fund.
1. The Meadville City Council passed an ordinance approving a general operating budget of $580,000 for fiscal year 2012. The city’s only source of revenue is from property taxes. For 2001, these revenues are estimated at $565,000.
2. A property tax levy of $1 per $100 assessed valuation (total assessed valuation equals $60,000,000) is billed to property owners. Taxes are due in the current fiscal year. Experience indicates that 3% of taxes billed will be uncollectible.
3. A motorcycle for the Department of Public Safety is ordered by the purchasing department on the basis of a low bid of $4,200.
4. The motorcycle in (3) above is received and the invoice is approved for payment. Extra accessories not included in the bid price amount to $425.
5. Salaries and wages in the amount of $20,000 are paid by check to city employees for the two-week period ending on May 15.
6. The property division sold used typewriters and other office equipment at a public auction. Total receipts were $8,225.
7. Property taxes in the amount of $540,000 were collected.

Prepare the necessary journal entries to record each event in the accounts of the General Fund.

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