Question: The following events take place 1 Hector Madras died and

The following events take place:
1. Hector Madras died and left 100 acres of undeveloped land to the city for a future park.
He acquired the land at $100 an acre, but at the date of his death the land was appraised at $8,000 an acre.
2. The city authorized the transfer of $100,000 of general revenues and the issuance of $1,000,000 in general obligation bonds to construct improvements on the donated land.
The bonds were sold at par.
3. The improvements were completed at a cost of $1,100,000, and the operation of the park was turned over to the City Parks Department.

Prepare entries in general journal form to record these transactions in the proper fund(s). Designate the fund in which each transaction is recorded. If the transaction did not result in a journal entry to a government fund, record the journal entry needed to reflect the information in the government-wide Statement of Net Assets.

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