The following information is available for Bott Company Additional information for
The following information is available for Bott Company:
Additional information for the year:
b. Last year, depreciation expense was inadvertently' understated in the amount of $ 1,800. The correction was made this year to Accumulated Depreciation and to Retained Earnings as a prior period adjustment. The company also received a related income tax refund of $500.
c. Sixty shares of treasury' stock (common) were reissued at $30 per share.
d. Bonds payable with a face amount of $7,000 were issued for $7,750 on April 30,2016. The bonds mature on April 30, 2021, and pay interest semiannually. The straight-line method is used to amortize the bond premium. Interest expense totaled $460 for 2016.
c. Fifty' shares of preferred stock (originally' issued at $60 per share) were converted into 100 shares of common stock.
f. Land costing $2,900 was sold for $3,800.
g. Three hundred shares of common stock were sold for $33 per share.
h. Equipment costing $32,000 was purchased during the year.
i. Land was acquired at a cost of $9,000 during the year.
j. Depreciation expense was $6,000.
k. Patent amortization was $400.
l. The company loaned money to one of its executives and received a $1,000 short- term note receivable on December 31,2016. The note matures 90 days from the date of issuance.
1. Prepare a spreadsheet to support a statement of cash flows for 2016.
2. Prepare Bott Company's 2016 statement of cash flows. Show the reconciliation of the net income to the net cash provided by' operating activities in a separate schedule accompanying the statement.
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