Question: The following information is available for Zetrov Company a The

The following information is available for Zetrov Company:
a. The cash budget for March shows an ending bank loan of $ 10,000 and an ending cash balance of $ 50,000.
b. The sales budget for March indicates sales of $ 140,000. Accounts receivable are expected to be 70% of the current- month sales.
c. The merchandise purchases budget indicates that $ 89,000 in merchandise will be purchased on account in March. Purchases on account are paid 100% in the month following the purchase. Ending inventory for March is predicted to be 600 units at a cost of $ 35 each.
d. The budgeted income statement for March shows net income of $ 48,000. Depreciation expense of $ 1,000 and $ 26,000 in income tax expense were used in computing net income for March. Accrued taxes will be paid in April.
e. The balance sheet for February shows equipment of $84,000 with accumulated depreciation of $46,000, common stock of $25,000, and ending retained earnings of $8,000. There are no changes budgeted in the equipment or common stock accounts.
Prepare a budgeted balance sheet for March.

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