Question: The following is a code for one product in an

The following is a code for one product in an extensive cosmetic line: L02002Z621289. L means that it is a lipstick, 0 means it was introduced without matching nail polish, 2002 is a sequence code indicating in what order it was produced, Z is a classification code indicating that the product is hypoallergenic, and 621289 is the number of the plant (there are 15 plants) where the product is produced.
a. Critique the code by listing the features that might lead to inaccurate data entry.
b. Designer Brian d’Arcy James owns the cosmetic firm that uses this coding scheme. Always interested in new design, Brian is willing to look at a more elegant code that encodes the same information in a better way. Redesign the coding scheme and provide a key for your work.
c. Write a sentence for each change you have suggested, indicating what data entry problem (from Problem 5a) the change will eliminate.
d. Mr. d’Arcy James is delighted with your work. He says the firm would like to hire you to help them branch out into selling theatrical makeup (shows such as Wicked and Shrek with eight performances a week use a lot of green greasepaint). Add any necessary new codes for the coding scheme you suggested in b, and provide a key for your work.

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