Question: The following is a list of 12 control plans from

The following is a list of 12 control plans from this chapter.
Control Plans
A. Firewall
B. Backup batteries and generators
C. Insurance
D. Employee badges, guest sign-in, locks on computer room doors
E. Hot site
F. Intrusion detection systems
G. Off-site storage of backup computer programs and data
H. Training (personnel development)
I. Personnel termination procedures
J. Security guards
K. Program change controls
L. Operations run manuals
The following is a list of 10 situations that have control implications.
1. The computer users at the Identity Company do not know how to use the computer very well.
2. A computer hacker created a program to generate random user IDs and passwords. He used the random number program to access the computer system of Samson, Inc.
3. During the nightly computer run to update bank customers’ accounts for deposits and withdrawals for that day, an electrical storm caused a temporary power failure. The run had to be reprocessed from the beginning, resulting in certain other computer jobs not being completed on schedule.
4. A fire destroyed part of the computer room and the adjacent library of computer disks at Petunia, Inc. It took several months to reconstruct the data from manual source documents and other hard copy records.
5. A competitor flooded the Wolfeson Company Web server with false messages (i. e., a denial- of-service attack). The Web server, unable to handle all of this traffic, shut down for several hours until the messages could be cleared.
6. A group of demonstrators broke into a computer center and destroyed computer equipment worth several thousand dollars.
7. A computer programmer at Dover Company was fired for gross incompetence. During the two- week notice period, the programmer destroyed the documentation for all programs that he had developed since being hired.
8. A computer operator experienced an abnormal ending during the nightly run of updates to the inventory master data. In a state of panic, he woke his supervisor from a sound sleep at 4: 00 a. m. to get help in getting the job restarted.
9. A disgruntled programmer at the Going Company planted a logic bomb in the computer program that produced weekly payroll checks. The bomb was triggered to go off if the programmer were ever terminated. When the programmer was fired for continued absenteeism, the next weekly payroll run destroyed all the company’s payroll master data.
10. The computer systems at Club, Inc. were destroyed in a recent fire. It took Club several days to get its IT functions operating again. Match the 10 situations with a control plan that would best prevent the system failure from occurring. Because there are 12 control plans, you should have two letters left over.

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