The following is a list of job duties or descriptions
The following is a list of job duties or descriptions. For each item, specify whether it would be most likely to describe the duties or responsibilities of someone working for the treasurer, the controller, or in the Internal Auditing Department.
a. Invest company funds
b. Report to the audit committee of the board of directors and to a senior executive, such as the CFO or CEO
c. Prepares company tax returns
E R 1
d. Perform cash counts at branch offices
e. Prepare journal entries for month- end closing
f. Issue company stock
g. Ensure that the company’s internal controls are functioning properly
h. Create an analysis about whether to lease or buy a delivery truck
i. Calculate the cost of a product
j. Issue company bonds
k. Check to make sure that company risk management procedures are being followed
l. Work with various departments in preparing operating budgets for the upcoming year
m. Oversee accounts payable activities

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