Question: The following is a list of qualitative characteristics of useful

The following is a list of qualitative characteristics of useful accounting information identified in the FASB’s and the IASB’s Statement of Financial Accounting Concepts No. 8 and statements describing the qualities.
A. Comparability
B. Decision usefulness
C. Relevance
D. Faithful representation
E. Predictive value
F. Confirmatory value
G. Verifiability
H. Neutrality
I. Free from error
J. Consistency
K. Materiality
L. Timeliness
M. Understandability
N. Completeness
______ 1. Different knowledgeable and independent observers can reach consensus that a particular representation is faithful.
______ 2. Making information available to decision makers before it loses its capacity to influence decisions.
______ 3. Capacity to make a difference in a decision, enabling users to predict future outcomes and/or confirm prior expectations.
______ 4. Overall objective of financial information.
______ 5. Absence of bias intended to influence financial statement users’ behavior in a particular direction.
______ 6. Presented as accurately as possible, using a process that reflects the best available inputs.
______ 7. Helps decision makers form expectations about the future.
______ 8. Full disclosure of all the information necessary to understand the information being reported.
______ 9. Enables users to identify and explain similarities and differences between two or more sets of economic facts.
______ 10. The nature and magnitude of an omission or misstatement that would influence the judgment of reasonable users of that information.
______ 11. Accounting methods and procedures applied in the same manner from period to period.
______ 12. Helps decision makers confirm or correct prior predictions or expectations
______ 13. When the words and amounts accurately depict the economic substance of what they purport to depict.
______ 14. Comprehensible to users.
Place the appropriate letter identifying each quality on the line in front of the statement describing the quality.

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