Question: The following is a list of six control plans from

The following is a list of six control plans from this chapter or from Chapter 9.
Control Plans
A. Digital signatures
B. Manually reconcile batch totals
C. Preformatted screens
D. One-for-one checking of the goods, picking ticket, and sales order
E. Independent shipping authorization
F. Turn around document
The following are six statements describing either a control goal or a sys-tem deficiency.
Control Goals or System Deficiencies
1. In reviewing the shipping department controls, the internal auditors at Treamore Company think they found the potential for fraudulent activity. The process appears to allow warehouse employees to ship goods without proper authorization.
2. Central Incorporated’s customers send orders over the Internet. Central is concerned that some of the orders are fraudulent.
3. Landon, Inc. customers are complaining that they are not receiving the correct items and quantities that they ordered.
4. Zagreb, Inc. receives sales orders on its Web server. Several times each day these are downloaded to the order entry and sales system. During the download process several line items are lost.
5. When goods arrive at Toronto Company’s warehouse, the shipping clerk keys in the sales order number to retrieve the sales order. Often, the clerk keys the sales order number incorrectly and the wrong sales order is displayed.

Match the five control goals or system deficiencies with a control plan that would best prevent the system failure from occurring. Because there are six control plans, you should have one letter left over.

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