The following is a list of six control plans from this chapter or from Chapters 9 and 10.
Control Plans
A. Prenumbered checks
B. Confirm customer accounts regularly
C. Confirm input acceptance
D. Programmed edits of shipping notification inputs
E. Independent billing authorization
F. Cumulative sequence check
The following five statements describe either the achievement of a control goal (i. e., a system success) or a system deficiency (i. e., a system failure).
Control Goals or System Deficiencies
1. In an online environment, helps to ensure input completeness.
2. Helps to identify duplicate, missing, and out- of- range shipping notifications by comparing input numbers to a previously stored number range.
3. Helps to ensure the validity of shipping notifications.
4. Provides a detective control to help ensure the accuracy of the billing process.
5. Provides a preventive control to help ensure the accuracy of the billing process.
Match the five control goals or systems deficiencies with a control plan that would best achieve the desired goal or prevent the system deficiency. A letter may be used only once, with one letter left over.

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