Question: The following is a list of six control plans from

The following is a list of six control plans from this chapter or from Chapters 9 and 10.
Control Plans
A. Review shipped not billed sales orders
B. Turnaround documents
C. Deposit slip file
D. Procedures for rejected inputs
E. Computer agreement of batch totals
F. Document design
The following five statements describe either the achievement of a control goal (i. e., a system success) or a system deficiency (i. e., a system failure).
Control Goals or System Deficiencies
1. The shipping clerk could not read the quantity picked that had been written on the picking ticket by the warehouse clerks.
2. In a periodic/ batch environment, helps to ensure the information system control goal of input completeness of the shipping notices.
3. Helps to ensure that all shipments are billed in a timely manner.
4. Meets the operations system control goal of efficiency of resource use by reducing the number of data elements to be entered from source documents.
5. Provides an “audit trail” of deposits.

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