The following is a list of terms and definitions associated with equity:
1. Preemptive right
2. Sole proprietorship
3. Right to dividends
4. Public corporation
5. Right to residual assets
6. Par value
7. Right to vote
8. Contributed capital
a. Ensures that stockholders receive a proper portion of assets upon liquidation.
b. Ensures that stockholders can participate in the company they own.
c. Ensures that stockholders can maintain their ownership percentage when new shares are issued.
d. Ensures that stockholders receive a proper portion of dividends paid.
e. An arbitrary value that determines an entity's legal capital.
f. A corporation whose stock is available to the public at large.
g. A form of business with one owner.
h. The equity generated through the sale of capital stock.
Match each term with the appropriate definition.

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