The following is a list of various terms and definitions
The following is a list of various terms and definitions associated with accounting information systems:
a. Accounting information system
b. Accounting transaction
c. Account
d. Double-entry accounting
e. Chart of accounts
f. Debit
g. Credit
h. Journal
i. Ledger
j. Trial balance
1. A listing containing a name and a numerical reference for all the accounts that a company uses to record accounting information.
2. A recording system in which at least two accounts will be affected when recording every accounting transaction,
3. The system that identifies economic events to be recorded, measures and records those events, and then processes the resulting information so that financial statements can be prepared.
4. An accumulation of the activity and balance for a specific item.
5. Any economic event that affects specific asset, liability, or equity accounts at the time of the event.
6. The right side of an account.
7. The left side of an account.
8. A collection of accounts and their balances.
9. A listing of all accounts and their balances at a specific point in time.
10. A chronological record in which transactions are first recorded.
Match terms a-j with their appropriate definitions.
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