Question: The following items present a sample of business activities involving

The following items present a sample of business activities involving Dry Cleaner Corporation (DCC) for the year ended December 31. DCC provides cleaning services for individual customers and for employees of several large companies in the city.
Dec 1: DCC’s owner paid $ 10,000 cash to acquire 200 of DCC’s common shares.
Dec 7: DCC ordered cleaning supplies at a total cost of $ 2,000. The supplies are expected to be received in early January.
Dec 17: Customers paid $ 200 cash to DCC to obtain DCC gift cards that they could use to obtain future cleaning services at no additional cost.
Dec 21: DCC ran advertising in the local newspaper today at a total cost of $ 500. DCC is not required to pay for the advertising until January 21.
Dec 22: DCC paid $ 1,000 to the landlord for January rent.
Dec 23: DCC’s owner sold 20 of his own DSS common shares to a private investor, at a selling price of $ 1,200.
Dec 28: DCC paid in full for the advertising run in the local newspaper on December 21.
Dec 29: The cleaning supplies ordered on December 7 were received today. DCC does not have to pay for these supplies until January 29.
Dec 31: Today, DCC completed cleaning services for several large companies at a total price of $ 2,000. The companies are expected to pay for the services by January 31.
1. Indicate the accounting equation effects of each item, using a table similar to the one shown for Demonstration Case B on page 116. Reference each item by date.
2. Prepare journal entries to record each item. Reference each item by date. If a journal entry is not required, explain.
3. Identify at least two adjustments that DCC will be required to make before it can prepare a final income statement for December.

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