The following openers and closes came from class presentations on
The following openers and closes came from class presentations on information interviews.
Does each opener make you interested in hearing the rest of the presentation?
Does each opener provide a transition to the overview?
Does the close end the presentation in a satisfying way?
a. Opener: I interviewed Mark Perry at AT&T. Close: Well, that’s my report.
b. Opener: How many of you know what you want to do when you graduate?
Close: So, if you like numbers and want to travel, think about being a CPA. Ernst & Young can take you all over the world.
c. Opener: You don’t have to know anything about computer programming to get a job as a technical writer at CompuServe.
Close: After talking to Raj, I decided technical writing isn’t for me. But it is a good career if you work well under pressure and like learning new things all the time.
d. Opener: My report is about what it’s like to work in an advertising agency.
Middle: They keep really tight security; I had to wear a badge and be escorted to Susan’s desk.
Close: Susan gave me samples of the agency’s ads and even a sample of a new soft drink she’s developing a campaign for. But she didn’t let me keep the badge.

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