Question: The following quote is from the paper Evaluation of the

The following quote is from the paper “Evaluation of the Accuracy of Different Methods Used to Estimate Weights in the Pediatric Population” (Pediatrics [2009]: e1045–e1051): As expected, the model demonstrated that weight increased with age, but visual inspection of an age versus weight plot demonstrated a nonlinear relationship unless infants and children were analyzed separately. The linear coefficient for age as a predictor of weight was 6.93 in infants and 3.1 to 3.48 in children. This quote suggests that when a scatterplot of weight versus age was constructed for all 1011 children in the study described in the paper, the relationship between y = weight and x = age was not linear. When the 1011 children were separated into two groups—infants (age birth to 1 year) and children (age 1 to 10 years)—and separate scatterplots were constructed, the relationship between weight and age appeared linear in each scatterplot. The slopes reported in the given quote (referred to as “the linear coefficient”) are expressed in kg/year. Briefly explain why the relationship between weight and age in the scatterplot for the combined group would appear nonlinear.

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