The following sale related transactions for PDR Inc occurred during the
The following sale-related transactions for PDR, Inc. occurred during the month of June.
Jun 3 Sold $3,200 (cost $2,100) of merchandise on account to J. Henderson, terms 2/15, n/45, FOB destination.
4 Paid $250 to ship the goods sold on June 3 to J. Henderson.
10 Sold $1,800 (cost $1,200) of merchandise to cash customers.
17 Received payment in full from J. Henderson for the June 3 sale.
22 Sold $4,700 (cost $3,100) of merchandise to M. Perez, terms 3/10, n/30, FOB shipping point.
26 Granted M. Perez a $600 allowance on the June 22 sale due to minor defects in the goods shipped.
30 Received payment in full from M. Perez for the June 22 sale.
Journalize all necessary transactions for PDR, Inc. using
(1) The perpetual inventory system,
(2) The periodic inventory system. Omit explanations.
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