The following selected events occurred for a company during 2010:
Jan. 11 A motor breaks on a machine and is replaced for $800. This replacement was expected when the machine was purchased.
Jan. 25 A machine that was purchased for $10,000 and has a book value of $1,000 is sold for $600.
Feb. 3 A fully depreciated building that originally cost $25,000 is demolished so that a new building may be constructed.
The demolition cost $2,200 and resulted in $700 of salvageable materials.
Feb. 15 A machine breaks down unexpectedly and requires repairs of $700.
Mar. 10 An accident damages some equipment. Repairs cost $2,000.
Mar. 19 A motor breaks on a machine and is replaced for $900. The new motor is of an improved design that increases the capacity of the machine.
Mar. 27 Office layout is rearranged at a cost of $700. At the same time, the walls are repainted for $500.

1. Prepare journal entries for the preceding transactions.
2. Would any of your answers change if the company used IFRS? If so, how?

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