The following statements describe various financial statement analysis ratios:
a. Shows the return to each share of stock owned by an investor
b. Measures the difference between quick assets and current liabilities
c. Measures the ability of a company to generate profits from sales
d. Provides a measure of a company's capital structure
e. Shows a company's ability to generate profits from its entire resource base
f. Gives information as to how a company manages its inventory
g. Measures a company's capital structure using liabilities and equity
h. Shows how effectively a company uses its current equity to generate additional equity
i. Gives a less strict measure of a company's ability to meet its short-term obligations
j. Shows how well a company can pay interest on debt out of current-year earnings
k. Measures a company's ability to make and collect sales
l. Provides an indication of current investor perceptions of the company
Identify the appropriate ratio for each of the descriptions.

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