Question: The following summarized Cash T account reflects the total debits and

The following summarized Cash T-account reflects the total debits and total credits to the Cash account of Thomas Corporation for calendar year 2013.
(1) Use this information to prepare a complete statement of cash flows for year 2013. The cash provided or used by operating activities should be reported using the direct method.
(2) Refer to the statement of cash flows prepared for part 1 to answer the following questions a through d:
(a) Which section—operating, investing, or financing—shows the largest cash
(i) Inflow
(ii) Outflow?
(b) What is the largest individual item among the investing cash outflows?
(c) Are the cash proceeds larger from issuing notes or issuing stock?
(d) Does the company have a net cash inflow or outflow from borrowingactivities?

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