The following table gives information on the amount of sugar (in grams) and the calorie count in one serving of a sample of 13 varieties of Kellogg’s cereal.
a. Construct a scatter diagram for these data. Does the scatter diagram exhibit a linear relationship between the amount of sugar and the number of calories per serving?
b. Find the predictive regression equation of the number of calories on the amount of sugar.
c. Give a brief interpretation of the values of a and b calculated in part b.
d. Plot the predictive regression line on the scatter diagram of part a and show the errors by drawing vertical lines between scatter points and the predictive regression line.
e. Calculate the predicted calorie count for a cereal with 16 grams of sugar per serving.
f. Estimate the calorie count for a cereal with 52 grams of sugar per serving. Comment on this finding.

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