Question: The following transactions and adjusting entries were completed by a

The following transactions and adjusting entries were completed by a local delivery company called Fast Delivery. The company uses straight- line depreciation for delivery vehicles, double-declining- balance depreciation for buildings, and straight- line amortization for franchise rights.
January 2 Paid $ 175,000 cash to purchase a small warehouse building near the airport. The building has an estimated life of 20 years and a residual value of $ 15,000.
July 1 Paid $ 40,000 cash to purchase a delivery van. The van has an estimated useful life of five years and a residual value of $ 8,000.
October 2 Paid $ 500 cash to paint a small office in the warehouse building.
October 13 Paid $ 150 cash to get the oil changed in the delivery van.
December 1 Paid $ 90,000 cash to UPS to begin operating Fast Delivery business as a franchise using the name The UPS Store. This franchise right expires in five years.
December 31 Recorded depreciation and amortization on the delivery van, ware-house building, and franchise right.
June 30 Sold the warehouse building for $ 140,000 cash. (Record the depreciation on the building prior to recording its disposal.)
December 31 Recorded depreciation on the delivery van and amortization on the franchise right. Determined that the franchise right was not impaired in value.
Give the journal entries required on each of the above dates.

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