The following transactions occurred during 2013 for the Beehive Honey Corporation:
Feb. 1 Borrowed $12,000 from a bank and signed a note. Principal and interest at 10% will be paid on January 31, 2014.
Apr. 1 Paid $3,600 to an insurance company for a two-year fire insurance policy.
July 17 Purchased supplies costing $2,800 on account. The company records supplies purchased in an asset account. At the December 31, 2013, year-end, supplies costing $1,250 remained on hand.
Nov. 1 A customer borrowed $6,000 and signed a note requiring the customer to pay principal and
8% interest on April 30, 2014.
1. Record each transaction in general journal form. Omit explanations.
2. Prepare any necessary adjusting entries at the December 31, 2013, year-end. No adjusting entries were made during the year for any item.

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