The following transactions occurred during a recent year:
a. Issued shares to organizers for cash (example).
b. Borrowed cash from the local bank.
c. Purchased equipment on credit.
d. Earned revenue; collected cash.
e. Incurred expenses on credit.
f. Earned revenue; billed the customer.
g. Paid cash on account.
h. Incurred expenses; paid cash.
i. Earned revenue; collected three- fourths in cash and the rest on credit. j. Experienced theft of $ 100 cash.
k. Declared and paid cash dividends.
l. Collected cash from customers on account.
m. Incurred expenses; paid four- fifths in cash and the rest on credit.
n. Paid income tax expense for the period.
Complete the tabulation below for each of the transactions, indicating the effect (+ for increase and – for decrease) of each transaction. (Remember that A = L + SE, R – E = NE, and NE affects SE through retained earnings.) Write “ N” if there is no effect. The first transaction is provided as an example.

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