Question: The following transactions occurred during the scal year for Bo

The following transactions occurred during the fiscal year for Boston Corporation:
1. Issued 10-year bonds.
2. Purchased a nine-month certificate of deposit.
3. Repaid a six-month bank note.
4. Invested $60,000 in common stock of another company as a long-term investment.
5. Issued 20,000 shares of common stock.
6. Purchased 10,000 shares of IBM stock as a short-term investment.
7. Purchased 5,000 shares of its own stock to be held in treasury.
8. Sold 20,000 shares of Ford stock, which had been held as a short-term investment.
9. Purchased $6,000,000 of inventory from Granger Corporation.
10. Collected $90,000 from Major Manufacturing related to a previous sale.

For each transaction, indicate how it would be reported on the statement of cash flows. Use the following key:
a. Inflow from investing activities.
b. Outflow from investing activities.
c. Inflow from financing activities.
d. Outflow from financing activities.
e. Inflow from operating activities.
f. Outflow from operating activities.

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