The following transactions occurred for Dussault Ltd 1 Annual interest of
The following transactions occurred for Dussault Ltd.
1. Annual interest of 6% is paid on $500,000 of bonds payable that were issued last year.
2. A truck was purchased for $50,000 at the beginning of this year. The truck is being depreciated over five years at a rate of $10,000 per year.
3. Old equipment is sold for $40,000. The asset originally cost $160,000 and has accumulated depreciation of $125,000.
4. New equipment is purchased for $200,000. A cash payment of $50,000 is made and a long-term note payable for $150,000 is issued for the remainder.
5. A deposit of $2,000 is received in advance from a customer for goods to be delivered at a later date.
6. Income tax expense for the year is $85,000; $70,000 of this amount was paid during the year and the remainder will be paid next year.
For each of the above items:
a. Identify the accounts affected and give the amounts by which they would be increased or decreased.
b. State the amount of any cash flow and whether cash is increased or decreased.
c. Identify how each item would be reported in Dussault’s statement of cash flows.
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