The following two tables could be used to store the data in Figure 5-17 in a database.
Choir Member (Last Name, First Name, Email, Phone, Part)
Musical Work (Name of Work, Composer, Part, Copy Number)
This notation means there are two tables, one named Choir Member and a second named Musical Work. The Choir Member table has five columns: Last Name, First Name, Email, Phone, and Part; Musical Work has four columns: Name of Work, Composer, Part, and Copy Number.
a. Redraw the data in Figure 5-17into this two-table format.
b. Select primary keys for the Choir Member and Musical Work tables.
c. The two tables are not integrated; they do not show who has checked out which music. Add foreign key columns to one of the tables to integrate the data.
d. This two-table design does not eliminate the potential for data integrity problems that occur in the spreadsheet. Explain why not.

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