Question: The General Company has an accounting staff of five employees

The General Company has an accounting staff of five employees: a supervisor and four clerks. The daily tasks of each clerk are as follows:
Supervisor ( Mary Wild)
Checking paperwork— 5 hours
Filing documents— 5 hours
Preparing invoices— 4 hours
Other activities— 1 hour
Accounts payable clerk (Joe Freed-mire)
Preparing monthly statements— 4 hours
Preparing aging report— 3 hours
Checking invoices— 4 hours
Helper clerk ( Bob Stans)
Checking invoices— 3 hours
Preparing aging report— 2 hours
Account posting— 5 hours
Document verification clerk (Margaret Lee)
Preparing disbursement vouchers— 4 hours
Checking invoices— 2 hours
Other activities— 3 hours
Clerk- typist (Debbie Chase)
Typing invoices— 4 hours
Assisting in verification of invoices— 3 hours

a. Prepare a work distribution chart using tasks such as aging of accounts receivable, voucher preparation, and so on.
b. Identify any weaknesses in the distribution of tasks. In addition, note any internal control problems.

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