The Golf Digest 50 lists the 50 professional golfers with the highest total annual income. Total income is the sum of both on-course and off-course earnings. Tiger Woods ranked first with a total annual income of $122 million. However, almost $100 million of this total was from off-course activities such as product endorsements and personal appearances. The 10 professional golfers with the highest off-course income are shown in the following table (Golf Digest website, February 2008).
The off-course income of all 50 professional golfers in the Golf Digest 50 can be found on the website that accompanies the text. The income data are in $1000s. Use classes of
0-4999, 5000-9999, 10,000-14,999, and so on to answer the following questions. Include an open-ended class of 50,000 or more as the largest income class.
a. Construct a frequency distribution and percent frequency distribution of the annual off-course income of the 50 professional golfers.
b. Construct a histogram for these data.
c. Comment on the shape of the distribution of off-course income.
d. What is the most frequent off-course income class for the 50 professional golfers? Using your tabular and graphical summaries, what additional observations can you make about the off-course income of these 50 professional golfers?

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