Question: The Golf Digest 50 lists the 50 professional golfers with

The Golf Digest 50 lists the 50 professional golfers with the highest total annual income. Total income is the sum of both on-course and off-course earnings. Tiger Woods ranked first with a total annual income of $122 million. However, almost $100 million of this total was from off-course activities such as product endorsements and personal appearances. The 10 professional golfers with the highest off-course income are shown in the following table (Golf Digest website, February 2008).
The off-course income of all 50 professional golfers in the Golf Digest 50 can be found on the website that accompanies the text. The income data are in $1000s. Use classes of
0-4999, 5000-9999, 10,000-14,999, and so on to answer the following questions. Include an open-ended class of 50,000 or more as the largest income class.
a. Construct a frequency distribution and percent frequency distribution of the annual off-course income of the 50 professional golfers.
b. Construct a histogram for these data.
c. Comment on the shape of the distribution of off-course income.
d. What is the most frequent off-course income class for the 50 professional golfers? Using your tabular and graphical summaries, what additional observations can you make about the off-course income of these 50 professional golfers?

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