The Good Burger Company owns and operates a chain of
The Good Burger Company owns and operates a chain of fast-food restaurants located throughout the southeastern portion of the United States. The company’s main headquarters is in Atlanta. A major problem of the company is that of delivering food products to all the individual company stores. This involves loading up warehouse trucks and then stopping at individual stores on a weekly basis. Each store has a large refrigerator room where a considerable amount of food sup-ply inventory can be maintained. Charles Hill, the general manager of food distribution, has noted that the company should develop a formal system for determining the amount of food to be delivered to each store. In addition, he has questioned whether it is necessary to deliver food to each store on a weekly basis. His rough calculations indicate that some stores might be visited less often. The major problem is that of communication between individual stores and the central office. At present, there is no way for the central office to know how much food to deliver to the individual stores.

Design a system that would collect data on a daily basis at the central office regarding the need for food supplies by the individual stores. Your system should incorporate a database that keeps track of the sales and inventories of food supplies at individual stores. Your answer should be expressed in general terms. It is not necessary to develop a detailed database design.

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