The Good Chocolate Company makes a variety of chocolate candies, including a 12-ounce chocolate bar (340 grams) and a box of six 1-ounce chocolate bars (170 grams).
a. Specifications for the 12-ounce bar are 330 grams to 350 grams. What is the largest standard deviation (in grams) that the machine that fills the bar molds can have and still be considered capable if the average fill is 340 grams?
b. The machine that fills the bar molds for the 6-ounce bars has a standard deviation of .80 gram. The filling machine is set to deliver an average of 1.01 ounces per bar. Specifications for the six-bar box are 160 to 180 grams. Is the process capable? The variance for the box is equal to six times the bar variance.
c. What is the lowest setting in ounces for the filling machine that will provide capability in terms of the six-bar box?

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