Question: The government wide financial statements for the City of Arborland for

The government-wide financial statements for the City of Arborland for a three-year period are presented on the following pages.
Additional information follows:
Population: Year 2014: 30,420, Year 2013: 28,291, Year 2012: 26,374. Debt limit remained at $20,000,000 for each of the three years. Net cash from operations is generally 80 percent of total revenues each year.

a. Which of the financial performance measures in Illustration 10–4 can be calculated for the City of Arborland based on the information that is provided?
b. Calculate those ratios identified in part a for FY 2014. Show your computations.
c. Provide an overall assessment of the City of Arborland’s financial condition using all the information provided, both financial and nonfinancial. Use information from the prior years to form your assessment.

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