The H2 Hummer limousine has eight tires on it. A fleet of 1300 H2 limos was fit with a batch of tires that mistakenly passed quality testing. The following table lists the frequency distribution of the number of defective tires on the 1300 H2 limos.
a. Construct a probability distribution table for the numbers of defective tires on these limos. Draw a bar graph for this probability distribution.
b. Are the probabilities listed in the table of part a exact or approximate probabilities of the various outcomes? Explain.
c. Let x denote the number of defective tires on a randomly selected H2 limo. Find the following probabilities.
i. P(x = 0)
ii. P(x < 4)
iii. P(3 < x < 7)
iv. P(x > 2)

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