Question: The Harvard School of Public Health in its College Alcohol

The Harvard School of Public Health, in its College Alcohol Study Survey, surveyed college students in about 200 colleges in 1993, 1997, 1999, and 2001. The survey asked students questions about their drinking habits. Binge drinking was defined as five drinks in a row for males and four drinks in a row for females. The table shows results from the 2001 study, cross-tabulating subjects’ gender by whether they have participated in binge drinking.
a. Identify the response variable and the explanatory variable.
b. Report the cell counts of subjects who were (i) male and a binge drinker, (ii) female and a binge drinker.
c. Can you compare the counts in part b to answer the question, “Is there a difference between male and female students in the proportion who binge drink?” Explain.
d. Construct a contingency table that shows the conditional proportions of sampled students who do or do not binge drink, given gender. Interpret.
e. Based on part d, does it seem that there is an association between binge drinking and gender? Explain.

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