The IMA s Statement of Ethical Professional Practice requires management accountants
The IMA’s Statement of Ethical Professional Practice requires management accountants to meet standards regarding the following:
• Competence
• Confidentiality
• Integrity
• Credibility
Consider the following situations. Which guidelines are violated in each situation?
a. You tell your brother that your company will report earnings significantly above ­financial analysts’ estimates.
b. You see that other employees take office supplies for personal use. As an intern, you do the same thing, assuming that this is a “perk.”
c. At a conference on sustainability, you skip the afternoon session and go sightseeing. Your company paid for the registration fee, and you are getting paid for the day.
d. You failed to read the detailed specifications of a new software package that you asked your company to purchase. After it is installed, you are surprised that it is incompatible with some of your company’s older accounting software.
e. You do not provide top managers with the detailed job descriptions they ­requested because you fear they may use this information to cut a position from your department.

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