The International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers officially known as
The International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (officially known as the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles, OICA) provides data on worldwide vehicle production by manufacturer. The following table shows vehicle production numbers for four different manufacturers for five recent years. Data are in millions of vehicles.
a. Construct a line chart for the time series data for years 1 through 5 showing the number of vehicles manufactured by each automotive company. Show the time series for all four manufacturers on the same graph.
b. What does the line chart indicate about vehicle production amounts between years 1 through 5? Discuss.
c. Construct a clustered bar chart showing vehicles produced by automobile manufacturer using the years 1 through 5 data. Represent the years of production along the horizontal axis, and cluster the production amounts for the four manufacturers in each year. Which company is the leading manufacturer in each year?
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