Question: The Internet Use data file on the text CD contains

The Internet Use data file on the text CD contains data on the number of individuals with broadband access and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 33 nations. Let x represent GDP (in billions of U.S. dollars) and y = number of broadband users (in thousands).
a. The MINITAB output shows a scatterplot. Describe this plot in terms of the variability of broadband subscribers for nations with low GDP.
b. Give the approximate x - and y -coordinates for the nation that has the highest number of broadband subscribers.
c. Use software to calculate the correlation coefficient between the two variables. What is the sign of the coefficient? Explain what the sign means in the context of the problem.
d. Identify one nation that appears to have fewer broadband subscribers than you might expect based on that nation’s GDP, and one that appears to have more.
e. If you recalculated the correlation coefficient after removing the two observations you identified in part d, how would you expect the resulting coefficient to compare to the one obtained in part c?

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